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September 20, 2005

Can Someone Steal a House?

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Seems like it. I guess this is why you need title insurance:

Mr. Cook, an insurance adjuster, had been on a business trip in mid-June and his wife caring for her ailing mother in Oklahoma when their home’s warranty deed was unknowingly transferred to another individual. The locks on the two-story house had been changed.

As a result:

He and his wife, Paula, spent their first night back in a walk-in closet, a steel pipe by their side, prepared for uninvited guests.

Then comes the disbelief.

They met a man who said he owned their house the next day.

“I said: ‘Like hell you do. She does.’ And I pointed to my wife,” Mr. Cook, 48, said Saturday while standing in the house, which is currently vacant.

“It’s very outrageous. Basically, you’ve had your house stolen.”

(Hat tip: Plastic.)

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