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November 24, 2005

Reality Imitates TV

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As you may have noticed, I file a lot of bizarre stories under the category “Reality imitates The Onion because — well, because sometimes there is a real news story that looks like it could actually be from the parody newspaper The Onion. (Maybe we should have a contest where you have read a list of stories and decide which is from The Onion, and which is real. But I digress.)

Anyway, this is in that same vein, but not quite the same. See, last week, my wife sat down to watch some TV, and happened to be watching some BBC comedy on PBS. This is not what she usually watches, but she was laughing up a storm and called me in to see. After an episode and a half of “Keeping Up Appearances” there was an episode of Are You Being Served?”, which is about the antics of the staff in a department store. In that particular episode, the guy who cleans the mannequins has a habit of, um, touching them in a way that, um, rather, um, gives the wrong impression when seen through the store window.

That episode was first broadcast in 1974. Thirty-one years later, something quite similar has happened:

A teenager has been charged with indecent exposure after he was caught trying to have sex with a female mannequin on display at an arts centre.

Security guards found Michael Plentyhorse, 18, sprawled with the dummy on the floor with his trousers and pants down.

Police spokesman Loren McManus said: “There was inappropriate activity between him and the mannequin.

Police consider this pretty serious:

If convicted, Plentyhorse may be registered as a sex offender.

The guy from the TV show was just told to clean the mannequins in the stock room.

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