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December 2, 2005

Someone actually bought one!

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A few months ago, I posted this story about a company that sells “Car/SUV guilt reduction” — that is, for $30-$80 depending on vehicle type, they will sell you a bumper sticker and claim they are using the money to offset your car’s pollution. After expenses, of course, which no doubt includes a salary for whoever thought this thing up — and a target profit margin that exceeds that of the oil companies.

It’s basically like selling indulgences, which got a certain other religion (i.e., not Environmentalism) into trouble almost 600 years ago.

Well, people are actually buying them. Or at least, one person who works in my building bought one. I saw the bumper sticker in the parking garage this morning.

'Clean up after your car'

Which just goes to show — some people will buy anything. And that I will never be rich, because I can never figure out what “anything” people will buy. :-(

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