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December 26, 2005

Jack Kervorkian is Sick?

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Wesley J. Smith reports:

Jack Kevorkian’s lawyer is upset–and issued a press release to let the rest of us know–that the Michigan Parole Board refused to recommend clemency or pardon, based on Kevorkian’s supposed ill health. But why should it? Kevorkian is an utterly unrepentant murderer who would spend his time as a free man justifying his crime and his assisted suicide campaign. He is right where he belongs.

Now given what Jack Kevorkian is in jail for, wouldn’t it be more consistent with his principles for his “ill health” to result not in clemency, but in execution?

7 Responses to “Jack Kervorkian is Sick?”

  1. File it Under Says:

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  2. Rob B. Says:

    Love the Irony. Love the title of the blog, too. Not many people know Heraclitus, but his stuff has stood up well against the test of time.

  3. Mike Daisy Says:

    DOCTOR Kervorkian should never have been sent to prison in the first place. As a species, we have enough compassion to practice euthanasia on our pets, but call it “murder” when it comes to ending the suffering of a fellow human lacking any capacity to experience a reasonable quality of life.
    Execution? Screw you, pal.

  4. Different River Says:

    “Doctor” Kervorkian lost his medical license years ago.

    I find the comparison to animals quite telling. You obviously don’t see the difference between humans and animals. It’s as if you said, “We love chickens enough to eat them, but we call it ‘canibalism’ when someone loves a human that much.

    How are you to know who can experience a “reasonable quality of life”? How dare you tell me whether my “quality of life” is “reasonable” and whether I have a right to stay alive!

  5. wolfgang rieger Says:

    Doctor Kervorkian is a courageous man. Life can be more difficult than a lot of people will
    ever understand until they fall victim to a painful illness. Death is not as terrible as
    the fear of having to endure the long and protracted pain of a terminal illness. He should
    never have been incarcerated for aiding those who could not endure any more.

  6. Different River Says:

    Mr. Reiger: You are not making any sense. If death is not as terrible as a painful illness, why is Kervorkian “courageous” for killing people? If anything, preferring death to pain is cowardly rather than courageous.

    But in any case, the point of my post is that Kervorkian prefers death for others who are sick, but not for himself — is that what makes him “courageous” in your view?

    Or is it the fact that many of the people “helped” by Kervorkian in fact had no terminal illness, and some had no illness at all? (Except presumably the depression that made them suicidal.)

  7. mkyvogel@yahoo.com Says:

    who wants to have sex! Kervokian should never have been put in jail
    he was only taking them out of their pain for their own good. except he never killed them except for the last one they were the ones who pushed the button.

    research it its true

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