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January 3, 2006

Independence Air Ceases Operations

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This just in from Independence Air:

Today is a sad day for Independence Air.

Today we must announce that we will be ceasing scheduled service operations this Thursday evening, January 5. The financial pressures in the industry have prevailed. We have run out of time.

It has been an amazing 18 months. We set out to challenge the status quo and to re-set your expectations about air travel. We set out to introduce you to lower fares and a new level of service delivered by employees who care. Currently ranked #2 in customer satisfaction among all US airlines, we are proud that we did indeed earn your respect and loyalty. We are proud that we built a brand so universally praised by over 8 million customers. We are proud of the mark we have made.

Today is a sad day for Independence Air. Today is a sad day for our customers who have gotten used to tender loving service and paying less for air travel. We will miss serving you. Thank you for your vigorous support.

Well, I guess we were paying a little too much less….

Funny, just last week I was looking for a ticket on their website.

Once upon a time, I sent them a resume. I never heard back, except to confirm that theyt’d received it. I guess it’s just as well. This is the second company I can say that about — the other one is Enron.

Serious Windows Security Vulnerability

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Matt Drudge is red-lining an article in the Financial Times reporting:

Computer security experts were grappling with the threat of a newweakness in Microsoft’s Windows operating system that could put hundreds of millions of PCs at risk of infection by spyware or viruses.

The news marks the latest security setback for Microsoft, the world’s biggest software company, whose Windows operating system is a favourite target for hackers.

“The potential [security threat] is huge,” said Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer at F-Secure, an antivirus company. “It’s probably bigger than for any other vulnerability we’ve seen. Any version of Windows is vulnerable right now.”

“We haven’t seen anything that bad yet, but multiple individuals and groups are exploiting this vulnerability,” Mr Hyppönen said. He said that every Windows system shipped since 1990 contained the flaw.

As you might imagine, the FT article is short on technical details. You can find those details at the Internet Storm Center.

Microsoft does not have a patch available. But, Ilfak Guilfanov, a Russian programmer in Belgium, wrote a patch himself. Download it, and get instructions, here.

I think it really is telling that one guy in Belgium was able to get a patch out faster than the huge, powerful company that wrote the program and has access to the source code. Hmm.

The patch is for Windows 2000, Windows XP, (SP1 and SP2), Windows 2003.

ISC says:

Note: If you’re still running on Win98/ME, this is a watershed moment: we believe (untested) that your system is vulnerable and there will be no patch from MS. Your mitigation options are very limited. You really need to upgrade.

Well, I still have an old laptop runing Windows 98. Maybe I’ll switch it over to Windows 3.1. ;-)

My main computer runs Linux. If you don’t want to worry about this sort of thing, use Linux. (Or Mac, or BSD, or …)

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