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January 11, 2006

Whole Foods Buys Wind Energy to Increase Pollution

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I can’t believe this guy said this with a straight face:

Whole Foods Commits to Wind Energy

By Steve Quinn, AP Business Writer
Tue Jan 10, 6:56 PM ET

Natural-food grocer Whole Foods Market Inc. said Tuesday it will rely on wind energy for all of its electricity needs, making it the largest corporate user of renewable energy in the United States.

The Austin-based company said it is purchasing 458,000 megawatt-hours of wind energy credits a year — enough to power 44,000 homes annually — from Renewable Choice Energy of Boulder, Colo.

The decision follows the publicly traded company’s mission of environmental stewardship without losing sight of the bottom line, Whole Foods regional president Michael Besancon said.

“It’s a sales driver rather than a cost,” he said. “All of those things we do related to our core values: help drive sales, help convince a customer to drive past three or four other supermarkets on the way to Whole Foods.”

Right: so Whole Foods is buying wind energy so they look to the public like good environmentalists, to convince environmentally-conscious customers to drive more.

If this doesn’t convince you that environmentalism is a religion, what else is it? Environmentalism has rituals — like “use of wind energy” and “recycling” and “shopping at Whole Foods” that believers engage in because they believe in them — even if those activities demonstrably increase pollution, such as driving farther to get to Whole Foods, sending two garbage trucks down every street instead of one (the second to pick up “recyclables”) and so on. It also has beliefs that are not subject to scientific or logical scruitiny, like the idea that recycling is “good for the environment,” and the idea that both warmer temperatures and colder temperatures are evidence of global warming. (Which means, of course that no matter what happens, there never be evidence against global warming.)

Of course, a cynic might say that Whole Foods is just one big corporate scam artist taking advantage of consumers’ beliefs. Kind of like the Church of Scientology and the “Televangelists.”

This is especially the case when you realize that it’s all just a publicity stunt — no “wind energy” will actually end up in Whole Foods stores or offices:

Because power does not flow from wind farms directly to a home or business through a utility grid, Whole Foods is purchasing energy credits — like a voucher — that assure wind energy eventually gets placed on the grid.

So they are not actually “rely[ing] on wind energy” for anything, let alone “all of its electricity needs.” Even if the wind farms go dark, Whole Foods’ lights will stay on. That’s not “relying.”

But still, the gullible reporter writes:

The company began rolling out wind energy for all 173 stores in the United States and Canada last month. Prior to that, 20 percent of its electricity had been from renewable sources.

So, “power does not flow from wind farms directly” to their 173 stores, but they will, nevertheless be “rolling out wind energy for all 173 stores.” But if power does not flow from wind farms to the stores, what can that possibly mean?

Personally, I think it means that a publicity campaign touting their alleged use of wind energy will be rolling out at their 173 stores.

Besancon declined to discuss the cost of the purchase but said it was in line with the company’s current utility budget.

He won’t tell you how much his other adversiting programs cost, either.

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  1. Right Wing Nut House Says:

    Okay…So? I’m late with the Carnival this week. Sue and I have the Iranian Flu – it’s led by an irrational cough, fed by a religious fever, and it feels like I have a nuke hidden in my brain. It also wants to “wipe me off …

  2. The Gray Tie Says:

    Masquerade Anyone?
    After being offline for, what, nearly two months and the Moonbat Masquerade is still getting submissions? Unbelievable.
    This first entry just seems like a bunch of hot air if you ask me. Different River sends in a story by an associated press writer…

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