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January 17, 2006

Sentenced To Attend Church?

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Now this raises some interesting constitutional issues:

Racist Man Sentenced To Attend Black Church

POSTED: 6:51 am EST January 16, 2006

CINCINNATI (AP) — A judge has sentenced a suburban Cincinnati man to attend services for six weeks at a black church for threatening to punch a black cab driver and using racial slurs.

Judge William Mallory Jr. told 36-year-old Brett Haines, “It seems readily apparent to me that you don’t like black people. That’s OK with me. But you have to understand that you are at the whim and authority of a black judge.”

Mallory let Haines choose between attending the black church for six Sundays or spending 30 days in jail. Haines said he’d try the church, although he doesn’t usually worship on Sunday.

Mallory offered Haines the choice Friday after Haines was convicted of disorderly conduct. He was arrested in November after threatening cab driver David Wilson and Wilson’s wife.

Mallory said he was concerned about maintaining the separation between church and state, so the judge asked Haines whether the option would offend him.

Haines said he would like to try it.

The cab driver said he wished Haines had been jailed instead because, in his words, “Church don’t change everybody.”

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  1. Matt Rustler Says:

    I sent that to Eugene Volokh a few days ago; he said he might blog about it. I’m waiting with bated breath . . .

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