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January 20, 2006

Clooney vs. Abramoff

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Jack Abramoff may be a crooked lobbyist, but some of his enemies are real jerks. Totally without class. And the Washington Post has taken steps to cover it up.

2 Responses to “Clooney vs. Abramoff”

  1. jimmyb Says:

    If someone on the right said something like Clooney, he would be bashed all over the place.
    The double standard of the left seems, well…standard.

  2. Jaxebadt Says:

    Actually, jimmyb, it’s already happened, and such people on the right do get away with it.
    Have you never heard of the derivatives of the names of Al Gore, Hilary Clinton (one common one in fact comparing her to someone
    who committed genocide), et al.

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