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January 25, 2006

David Adesnik Cracks the TNR Code

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David Adesnik of OxBlog has figured out the formula for The New Republic:

[A]ctually, I think I could write one of their articles in advance. Here goes:

This is an article about Subject X. Democrats say Y about X, but that argument is simplistic. Republicans say Z about X, but that argument is simplistic and dishonest.

At this point, the author pulls out a deck of cards and picks one at random. If the card is a ten or lower, the author concludes that the Democrats are right, but not for the reason given by some senator from Massachusetts.

If the author draws a face card, he thinks to himself, “I must agree with the Republicans for no apparent reason in order to show that I’m open-minded.”

If the author draws an ace, it means that his thirtieth birthday is approaching and it’s time to either go back to grad school or work for McKinsey.

I have to admit that’s a better (or at least, more detailed) explanation for why I stopped subscribing to The New Republic than what I told people — which is just that the quality of writing was bad, and I didn’t really learn anything from reading their articles that I didn’t know before. So, what was the point to read it? Time is valuable.

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