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February 27, 2006

Clinton Looking for More Interns

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It had to happen. Bill Clinton is looking for more interns. The William J. Clinton Foundation, which is former President Clinton’s vehicle for, in their words, “continuing the work of his presidency,” is advertising on its website for interns.

The announcement says that interns will get “hands-on experience.” Hands on what, they don’t say. But they do say that interns will “have the responsibility of interacting directly with staff.” Whose “staff,” they don’t say. What sort of “interacting directly” they don’t say.

They do say the internships are “unpaid.” I will not speculate on what this says about the wealth and party affiliation of those they expect to apply, but I will note that they have “three locations: New York City, Little Rock, Arkansas and Quincy, Massachusetts” and that it is illegal to pay for certain, um, “jobs” in states other than Nevada.

(Hat tip: Scott Sala via Michelle Malkin.)

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