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February 28, 2006

Intel in Vietnam

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When Intel was founded by Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove in 1968 — that is, during the height of the Vietnam War — I’m sure they did not imagine that this would happen:

Intel Invests $300M in Vietnam Facility

Online staff — Electronic News, 2/28/2006

Intel Corp. today confirmed plans for a semiconductor assembly and test facility in Vietnam, saying it will invest $300 million for the plant in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

That would be the city formerly known as Saigon.

While the $300 million was less than expected, it is significant and the move by Intel represents the first such investment by the semiconductor industry in Vietnam, according to the company.

“Less than expected” two months ago maybe — but not less than expected two decades ago. It’s a different world.

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