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March 6, 2006

Blogger to be Evicted for Political Reasons

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Batya Medad, the author of the blog Shiloh Musings (which has been on this blogroll for some time) just found out that she is about to be evicted from her hometown by the Israeli government.

No, of course she’s not a Palestinian terrorist — if she were, to evict her would be a human rights violation. It’s nothing personal, and it’s nothing she did — she is being evicted for being a Jew living in Shiloh, the pre-Davidic capital of ancient Israel — where Jews “aren’t supposed” to live anymore.

If she lived in Shiloh, Pennsylvania, she could not be forced to leave her home because she’s Jewish. That can only happen in Shiloh, Isreal.

If you want to stay in your home over there, you need to say things like this.

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