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March 16, 2006

Lawless Law

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Some names for things are just too funny. For example, there something called the Lawless Finance Workshop in Economics & Law.

As if a “Lawless” workshop in “Law” weren’t bad enough, the topics on the schedule include “Money Laundering,” “Illegal and Informal Credit Markets” (that is, loan sharking), “Corruption,” and “Insider Trading.”

The seminar is at a university in Italy. I wonder if the language barrier had anything to do with the odd name. I kind of doubt it, since most European academics have good English skills, at least in writing. Or maybe those things aren’t considered so “lawless” in Italy? There have been quite a few financial scandals in the government over the past few decades — many involving people still in office now. ;-)

The workshop was yesterday. I just got the ad for it today. It’s just as well.

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