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April 28, 2006

Boycott “Big Water”!

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If you think the “price gouging” of gasoline is bad, compare it to this:

A gallon of gas is $2.82 down the street. A bottle of water at my local movie theater is $3.50 — a half-liter bottle. If a gallon is approximately four liters (3.78, according to Google), then water is $14/gallon at the movies.

People still pay $1 for a half-liter bottle of water at soda machines. They still pick up the 79-cent half-liter at Publix or Kroger. And they’d rather spend $3.50 for a half-liter of soda than $4.50 for a massive cup of Coke or Pepsi — which usually holds about 3/4 liters, and free refills usually are a part of largest-size options.

Yet there’s no outrage at Coke (Dasani), Pepsi (Aquafina), ZephyrHills, Dannon/Nestle, or any of the other companies. In fact, we gladly purchase bottled water at jacked-up retail prices.

And water doesn’t even need to be refined!

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