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May 18, 2006

Yes, I’m Still Alive

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Not one, but two readers have written to ask what happened to me. The answer is: I’m OK, and I’m (unfortunately) not on vacation.

I’m just very busy at work. New Medicare payment rules are out for the next rate year, and we are busy calculating how much les our clients will be paid. So they can complain to their Congresspeople, I imagine. This is what replaces “marketing” when an industry is paid by the government for half its output.

I do have lots to say, though — as soon as I can find time to type it all in.

Unfortunately, I’m not a professional blogger. The ads below the blogroll on the right don’t even cover the costs — which fortunately are quite low. Of course, if anyone would like to “sponsor” a full day of blogging by replacing a day’s salary while I take a day of “leave without pay” I’m sure we can work something out. Heh. ;-)

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