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August 14, 2006

MoveOn.Org’s Alternate Universe

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MoveOn.org recently sent this e-mail out to its supporters:

Ever wonder why some campaigns–like Dean in ’04, MoveOn’s “Save PBS”, Net Neutrality, the Downing Street Memo, or Ned Lamont for Senate–go big online, while hundreds of others go nowhere? Our friends at the New Organizing Institute (NOI) have assembled a network of phenomenal online organizers to share the secrets of their success.

I don’t know where these MoveOn guys live, but in the world I inhabit, “Dean in ’04″ flamed out in the Iowa Caucuses, “Save PBS” was based on a urban legend and was really about “saving” a small portion of of the government-provided portion of PBS funding, not about saving PBS as such, the Downing Street Memo just proved that Bush had been planning what his opponents had accused him of failing to plan, and Ned Lamont, while making an impressive primary win, has a long way to go before he actually sits in the Senate, and is currently behind in the polls.

And these guys call themselves the “reality-based community.” It’s more like an “alternate-reality-based community.”

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