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March 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s Racist Supporters

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Greg Pierce reported in The Washington Times:

Nationally, a quarter of those who back Clinton say they’d vote for John McCain if Obama won the nomination (while just 10 percent of Obama supporters would do the if he lost).

(Note that this was published March 17, and thus reflects polling from BEFORE the Jeremiah Wright controversy. Also, hat tip to Clayton Cramer.)

Now, since Clinton and Obama’s policy proposals are nearly identical — and even if different, are far closer to each other’s than either is to McCain’s — what possible reason could 25% of Clinton’s supporters switch to McCain if Obama is the nominee?

In other words, what is the only thing that McCain has, that 25% of Clinton voters might care prefer, that Obama doesn’t have?

Well, it can’t be McCain’s support of the Iraq War, oppositition to tax increases, or anything like that — if that were the case, these people wouldn’t be Clinton voters in the first place.

It can only be one thing: One-fourth of Clinton voters just don’t want to vote for the black guy.

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