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August 12, 2008

Police to track every car in New York City?

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CBS is reporting that they New York Police Department is planning to use “Radiation Sensors, Surveillance Cameras Used To Screen & Follow Every Vehicle Entering Lower Manhattan.”

They quote a supposedly representative “NYC resident Sam Mauer” as saying, “Good idea I think. Anything that makes the city safer is a very good idea.”

Well, yes.

But would someone please explain to me exactly how this is going to make the city safer?

If they don’t have a list of terrorists’ cars, how are they going to use this system to stop anything? And if they do have a list of terrorists’ cars, why waste the time and resources to track all the other cars?

And in any case, how is simply “tracking” cars going to stop any terrorist attacks? If they actually have a list of terrorists’ cars, why not stop them at the entry points, instead of tracking them all over the place — perhaps watching as they do their vile deeds, without bothering to stop them?

It seems to me that there is not only a massive invasion of privacy, but no corresponding benefit in terms of safety or security.

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One Response to “Police to track every car in New York City?”

  1. NY Speeding Ticket Says:

    Operation Sentinel will never be fully supported: Politicians and residents alike. Although I tend to lean towards a Republican standpoint when lower Manhattan is concerned, but not to the extent that Sentinel would bring to those who want to travel in and out of Manhattan (not just lower Manhattan, it would spread to all of NYC). I would be apt to have small-circuit cameras on every corner because that would protect all pedestrians in case of any mugging or anything having to do with personal injury on the streets. To be tracked whenever you just go into Manhattan is another story. I believe that if Domestic Security has a list of suspected terrorists, then those cars should be tracked for the safety of the rest of us. I don’t agree that everyone should be tracked. There are privacy issues at stake (thus the hypocrisy of it since I agree with cameras on every corner), but if someone simply wants to travel to a point in Manhattan Island to park and go to an event (Broadway show, Lincoln Center, etc.), then they should have the right to travel to said destination without being “hounded” by the authorities. That part is definitely not on my agreement list.

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