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August 19, 2008

Is Obama Planning to put Bush on Trial?

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From Byron York at “The Corner”:

The Left and Plans for “Nuremberg-Style” Tribunals for Bush Administration Officials

One thing that hasn’t received much attention in conservative and Republicans circles is the ongoing conversation on the left about the possibility of Nuremberg-style war-crimes trials for members of the Bush administration should a Democratic president take office. I’m not exaggerating or introducing the Nazi analogy myself; they actually use the phrase “Nuremberg-style” when they discuss “war-crimes tribunals.” And they are quite serious (although the more moderate of them prefer a “truth commission.”)

At the Netroots Nation gathering in Austin, Texas last month — that is the successor to YearlyKos — Dahlia Lithwick, of the Washington-Post-owned website Slate, did an interview with the Talking Points Memo site in which she described a panel discussion she had just taken part in on what is known as the “first 100 days of accountability.” Among Lithwick’s observations:

We’re already falling into this trap of either positing Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunals, or nothing, immunizing everyone from John Yoo up and down…but everybody says there’s a lot of gray area in between that, and that accountability doesn’t necessarily mean Nuremberg, it doesn’t necessarily mean nothing, it means possibly a truth commission, possibly appointing a special prosecutor to look at it…

They said that if Bush were (re-)elected, he’d put shred the Constitution and put his political opponents on trial like a tinpot dictator. Perhaps they were engaging in a little Freudian Projection?

3 Responses to “Is Obama Planning to put Bush on Trial?”

  1. William Says:

    I’m hoping one or both of the candidates is thinking “Gee, I could go down as the Greatest President in History if I charge both Bush and Cheney with treason, Crimes against The Constitution, put them on trial, have them both found guilty and have them punished. Then I, single handidly, would restore America’s international prestige virtually overnight”

  2. Charkes Nickalopoulos Says:

    If Obama wins, we will probably have another terrorist attack, before he gets settled into the White House. Obama is the one that will be on trial.

    If he takes the troops out of Iraq, Iran will probably annex Iraq, because there will be no troops to defend Iraq.
    He claims the money saved from ceasing the war in Iraq, will pay for all his ventures. Does this mean
    there will be no wars; no more military expenditures?

  3. Sergio Bana Says:

    I sure as hell hope so. George Bush should go to jail for being a lying traitor.

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