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September 1, 2008

Smearing Sarah Palin

It didn’t take long for the Democrats to come up with a preposterous smear of Sarah Palin — just going to show that they will say anything to discredit their opponents, no matter how nonsensical it is.

This posting at DailyKos, the leading website of the liberal “netroots,” and its followup here, claim she faked her pregnancy for political gain.

Yup, you read that right. They claim that a 43-year-old governor, constantly in the public eye, faked a pregnancy, and produced a child of which she is not the real mother, to burnish her pro-life credentials. As if, with four children already, these needed any burnishing. After all, they seem to think, you aren’t really pro-life unless your baby has Downs’ syndrome, which this child apparently has.

And where, do they claim, she obtained this baby? They are claiming it is really her then-16-year-old daughter’s baby. And they are claiming that this makes Sarah Palin a hypocrite as far as her pro-life credentials go.

Now, putting aside the fact that there is no credible evidence to support this claim, let’s look at the logic here. Suppose, for the sake of the argument, that Palin’s daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, and Palin decided to cover for her and claim it’s her baby. How does this make her a pro-life hypocrite? The claim seems to be that by providing her daughter with an option other than abortion, she would be hypocritical.

That is, in fact, completely backwards. Hypocrisy means claiming it’s OK to do yourself what you say others shouldn’t do. If she’d told her daughter to get an abortion, which seems to be what the DailyKos folks want — that would have been hypocritical for a pro-life person. Providing an alternative — especially one that gives the daughter a second chance to live the values she’s been taught — is exactly what a pro-life person would be expected to do. Obviously, most pro-life parents don’t want their daughters getting, or sons causing, pregnancies out of wedlock. But everybody knows that (a) kids don’t always do what their parents want, and (b) people sometimes succumb to temptation and do things that contradict their own values.

So the liberals have “accused” Gov. Palin of doing something that is entirely consistent with her expressed values. In fact, most people would consider doing what she’s accused of to be incredibly noble and compassionate. But since a Republican did it, it must be awful, right?

Keep in mind that this is assuming that the DailyKos claims are correct — and there is, at present, exactly no evidence for those claims. There is absolutely no reason to believe that this baby is anyone’s but Gov. Palin’s. The “evidence” they present consists basically of three things:

  1. Gov. Palin was age 43 at the time of the pregnancy. According to DailyKos, “everyone knows” 43-year-olds don’t get pregnant. Baloney. My own mother did, and without fertility drugs. I saw my sister 30 minutes after she was born.
  2. Gov. Palin flew around in a plane to give a speech shortly before the birth, then returned to Alaska to deliver the baby. This is viewed as “impossible” since pregnant women generally don’t travel late in pregnancy, therefore this “proves” that she was in fact returning to Alaska to be there when her daughter gave birth, to “pose” as the real mother. Now it’s true that most pregnant women generally don’t travel late in pregnancy — but maybe pregnant Governors do. I don’t think we’ve had a pregnant governor before, so there isn’t any prior data to support this claim.
  3. They have some pictures in which it’s not totally obvious that Gov. Palin is pregnant under her big coat, and one picture in which her daughter has a little fat showing above her waist. Folks, some pregnancies don’t show much. And sometimes fat looks a bit more round than normal, especially with the kind of dress the daughter is wearing. Sheesh.

But of course, none of that matters, since everything is justified in pursuit of the higher goal of smearing Republicans (especially non-white-males who have the uppity to be Republicans, and of course electing the Messiah Obama president.

This isn’t just the nutcases at DailyKos by the way. Some mainstream liberals, like Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic are starting to pick this up.

Fortunately, at least one reasonable liberal is calling them out on this. Ann Althouse writes:

“Stop prying into other people’s vaginas, even if you happen to oppose them politically. What is wrong with you people?”

The insane obsession with Sarah Palin’s pregnancy rages on.

This will all go down in the annals of feminism, people. So think before you write. …

The top one is a new Kos diary, from ArcXIX:

Well, Sarah, I’m calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better.

Whew! That is ugly. Pictures are posted, with captions like: “Sarah’s waistline never changed. Her wardrobe still remained tight and professional.” Note the gratuitous insult to pregnant working women. They can’t possibly dress in a professional manner. There are also enlarged photos of the 16-year-old daughter with comments about the shape of her abdomen. The whole world is invited to talk about that teenager’s body.

How nice. How feminist. How “liberal.”

And they say the other side objectifies women and doesn’t respect their bodies?

And by the way — back when Clinton was president, didn’t these people say that personal life isn’t relevant politically, and that lying about sex was OK?

Who again are the hypocrites?

7 Responses to “Smearing Sarah Palin”

  1. Anon Says:

    Dude. If this is true – She lied about being PREGNANT…about having a valuable human life growing inside of her. If this is all true, it would mean that she claimed this child was her own to spare her family the embarrassment of having an out-of-wedlock-child in their family. That’s disgusting. This is NOT 1965. Her daughter got pregnant? She doesn’t believe in abortion for herself? FINE. Then don’t make her have one. High jacking the pregnancy is NOT the answer either. I feel SO SORRY for Bristol if this is all true. Her life could likely be ruined because of this crap. NOT because the media found out about it and decided to see if it was true or not but because her mother has made it CLEAR that she is an embarrassment, a young woman who cannot possibly be allowed to have control over her own life. It’s disgusting, what happened to Bristol. My thoughts are with HER right now, not anyone else.

  2. Suburban Sue Says:

    What about her pregnant teenage daughter. I think it is very hypocritical for Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain to go on and on about her family values when she has a 17 year old pregnant daughter. What type of family values did Gov. Palin model for her daughter? Where was Governor Palin when her daughter was “getting busy” with the father of this child? Stop representinging Gov. Palin as someone who has excellent work-life values when it was clear that she was not properly watching her daughter.

  3. Charles Hansing Says:

    Can Governor Palin be any more hypocritical – preaching about abstinence, yet her unmarried 17-year old daughter is pregnant. Unreal.

    What a joke. Honestly.

  4. Different River Says:

    It is not hypocritical to “go on and on” about pro-life values and then make a pro-life decision. What would have been hypocritical was to do the opposite.

    Have YOU ever done anything your parents disagreed with? Does that make your parents hypocrites? Or does that just mean you didn’t do what they wanted you to do?


    Preaching about abstinence when someone else is not abstinent is not hypocrisy. If the daughter were preaching abstinence for others while simultaneous doing otherwise herself, that would be hypocrisy.

    But the real hypocrisy is claiming that Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds were irrelevant to his qualifications, but Sarah Palin’s daughter’s sexual misdeeds — not hers, but her daughter’s! — are relevant to her qualifications.

    Move on, people.

  5. Definately Can't Vote for McCain Now Says:

    No matter how the campaign tries to spin this thing, it’s not going to work. The facts are the facts. Bristol was not at school during the five months prior to her “brother’s” birth. Other teens from her class say they saw her pregnant. A few months before the baby was born Sarah did a sexy photo spread for Vogue magazine wherein she was looking particularly hot, and not pregnanat. Sarah was, also, so obviously not pregnant in March that when she supposedly announced that she was pregnant, her staff they didn’t believe it; and, also, in March she appeared on a television show where she was slugging down coffee and lithely bouncing through a street tour with a handsome young interviewer in an obviously un-pregnant state. Her dramatic story about going into labor in Texas, calmly laboring through a 10 hour flight home to Alaska without alerting the attendants and, finally, driving herself 45 min to a small hospital which was in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have a neonatal unit to give birth to a baby that she would have known had down syndrom because women of her age always have amniocentesis as they are considered high risk– just doesn’t fly. Oh, and the hospital doesn’t have a record of the birth.

    Padding Bristol’s stomach, now, and announcing a miscarriage, later, will never fly, either.

    This is not about whether or not Sarah Palin is a hypocrite when it comes to her pro-life platform. Obviously no one really cares. The law’s been handed down on that one, and no politician has made any real effort to change that law since Roe v. Wade. They just like to talk a whole lot about it to make sure they get the Christian vote.

    This is about pathological lying. This is about pretending to be something that you’re not. This is about sacrificing your children’s and your grandchildren’s psychological well-being for your own selfish ambitions. This is about vanity, arrogance, greedy appetites and shiftlessness objectives. This is about not allowing any slimy politician, no matter how good-looking, to use smoke and mirrors to pull yet another fast-one over on the American public for their own personal gain.

    Palin has ruined any chance John McCain had of gaining the White House. I don’t believe for one minute that she was truthful with him about her family secrets before he announced her as his VP pick. Now, he’s stuck picking up the pieces of what’s left of his sullied career. Sarah Palin is a disgrace to her family, her Party, her home state and our country.

  6. Thomas E. Davis Says:

    Hello Folks, You know, I’m really surprised that some of the above words are being expressed. I don’t know about your mother, but my mother taught me to “lift up the hands that hang down, and if I couldn’t say something good about someone, leave it un-said”. Some great minds have said , “It is hard to think highly of someone else, If you don’t think highly about yourself” Evidently there are many who don’t think very highly about their self. The Lord has asked each one of us, “What manner of man or women aught ye to be?” He went on to answer that question in these words, “Even as I am”. In another passage, He is known to have said, “Let He or She that is without sin cast the first stone”. I believe that we all better take a good look at ourselves.

  7. Bookmarks about Feminism Says:

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